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About Martin

Martin is the owner, proprietor, founder, managing director, sole employee, and general dogsbody of MD Turner Electrical Services.

Having grown up in Chester, you'd think he'd know his way around the place by now, but no. Thankfully he has a pretty good sat nav. If you want him to come and give you a quote, make sure you give him a full address or he's liable to get lost.

Husband to a long suffering wife, and proud father of two magnificent young men.  When not otherwise engaged in trying to make this fledgling company successful, he can generally be found partaking of his many and varied hobbies, including Rugby League, Karate, Scouting, Sailing, D&D, and Folk music.  Feel free to ask him about them, as long as you have a spare hour or two, and a very high boredom threshold!

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